$25 gets you a CD and a good feeling in your heart

Double Your Donation

The Canadian government have decided that they will match donations for relief efforts until Dec 18th. So we are pre-selling this CD while we are making it. If you purchase a CD before Dec. 18th your $20 will magically turn into $40 for Shelter Box!.

These things take time

You can buy the disc now and your money will go to charity right away, but your going to have to wait till January 2014 to see your CD's. We will be offering a Digital download of the album for those who donated before the CD is printed. Good things come to those who wait.

We need 300 of you!

This is a limited run of CD's, a one time thing! We really need 300 people to make a print run of the CD possible. If we don't make it to 300 people you will receive a download version of the disc only. Your money still goes to charity, in fact more of it will because we don't have to pay to print those pesky CD's!

Thanks everyone for pre-ordering! The CD's have been printed and are on there way. Look for them in your mailbox early in 2014.